PS4 Dual Charger Docking Station Black Friday Sale 2021

Are you also frustrated by the single charging cable provided with your Play Station 4 and you have 2 controllers to play with, then you might like our dual charging dock station at times of Black Friday discounts.

If you always invite or have a sibling to play a competitive game with you on your PS4 and at times it happens that battery of both the controllers get down together. When such things happen, you have to wait for one controller to get charged and then put the other one that will take a lot of your playtime. That is why you should check out the dual charging dock black Friday sales.

So, if you are a person who likes to spend the weekend playing Play station but has a similar type of problem mentioned above then you must consider buying this product without hesitating.

PS4 Dual Charging Docking Station – Best Bargain Price Black Friday Sales 2021

PS4 Dual Charger Docking Station Black Friday Sale 2020This charging dock station was initially designed for play station gaming lovers that include all PS4 models to charge one or two Sony’s Dual-Shock 4 wireless controllers together at the same time. Additionally, this device can be a perfect stand to display and store your controllers. Now, if you have a problem charging controllers individually, then you must add this product to your cart. 

Price – under 50

Now, this item has some awesome features you might want to look at before buying it.

Product Specifications and Features

  • This product is specially manufactured for the Dual-Shock 4 controller of PS4 models of all types. It can charge both the controllers within 3 hours at the same time, and if you only want to charge one controller then it will be faster.
  • This dock has a LED indicator which shows if the controller is fully charged. When the dock is fully charged at that time its front panel screen will show charging status red to green. A green light tells you that controller is fully charged, plus red light tells it is still charging.
  • It uses a fast-intelligent IC regulation circuit for faster and safe charging to protect the controllers.
  • It is manufactured with streamline design for getting an attractively sleek and cool look and apart from that it is also durable and compact, light-weighted which makes it easy to put anywhere and carry around.
  •  Its bottom part comes with 4 non-slip rubber pads that will keep charger dock in place and protect your Playstation gaming gear from shifting and falling.
  • This product is manufactured by brand ElecGear and it includes 1 dual charger dock for PS4, 1 USB charging cable, and an instruction guide.
  • This device comes with 12 months of guarantee and friendly customer service. Also, its USB cable is 80 cm long and requires DC 5 volts input of working.
  • It will consume a current of 400mA for a single controller and 800mA for two controllers. Hence, it will save electricity for sure.
  • This device has dimensions of 17.4 x 5.9 x 5.5 cm and will weigh a minimum of about 230 grams.



This is a great product that would turn out to be very useful for every gamer. This dual charger dock with black Friday deals will bring you a great relief in cost because at this time of the year, mostly everything will be available at a very affordable price. 

We have already been through all the features, pros, and cons to make it clear for you to decide whether you want to purchase this product or not. And you have already seen that this device will bring you more advantages than disadvantages. Now, it’s up to you to grab this awesome deal or just let it go because it is once in a year deal.


Is the item durable?

All things considered, obviously, this is a solid durable dual charging dock station for gaming PS4 controller as it gauges enough that if the item falls on the ground it will have no impact on it. The bottom of the controller has rubber pads that will prevent falling. Consequently, there’s no uncertainty in its strength and attractiveness.

Is this item easy to use?

Well, there’s no doubt in it that it is easy to use. Even a small 5-year old kid can use this device. It just needs to be plugged in and then you will need to place the controllers on it and it will start charging them in no time. Also, it has an LED indicator to tell you that it is completely charged or not.

What are the dimensions of this item?

At the point when we talk about dual charging docking stations, it has enough size yet it is measured to fit both the PS4 controllers easily. It is sufficiently large to incorporate all the capacity including LED light sign. This item has measurements of 17.4 x 5.9 x 5.5 cm which is sufficient.